A meme, some pictures

What do you know about the Russian “invasion” of Crimea? Crimea is an unusually shaped peninsula at the south of Ukraine. It was ceded to Ukraine by Russia  in 1954. The people there are Russian speaking, and identify with Russia. At the time it was ceded, there was an agreement, that said Russia could station up to 25,000 troops there. There is an important naval base there on the peninsula.

When the unrest in Ukraine started, Russia increased their troop presence from 6000 troops to 22,000 troops. Later, there was a referendum where a large majority of the people in Crimea voted to be reunite with Russia. the Scots recently ad a referendum, and it was considered legitimate, so the Sudan, it was considered legitimate; so why is the Crimean referendum not legitimate? Maybe because the last major country on Earth capable of resisting the progressive global agenda was able to keep an important warm water port?

I honestly believe the sanctions against Russiia because of Crimea are unjust. The US can invade countries based on false intelligence, but a legal troop presence and referendum in Crimea are wrong? Why are American conservatives very skeptical of the liberal media on other subjects, but go along blindly on this one? Those who do are aiding the globalist agenda. Plain. And. Simple. Os_sanctionsSome pictures:


Day to day stuff

I went to a convenience store to get coffee and an apple. Look where they put the little label. apple_1apple_2It was good anyway. Here’s my two youngest boys taking the puppies for a ride.puppies_3A winter scene, followed by a sunset scene. The weather changes fast around here.winter_2sunset_3My wife and I behind the cut outs I made for the train depot.cut_outs_5

A word from the actor…

Hi, I’m a movie star. I’ve spent my life acting like somebody I’m not. But hey, it’s me, the one you don’t really know, it’s me, and I urge you to remember a few things. Remember your dignity as progressives. Remember your willingness to sacrifice your society for equality. Remember that accomplishment and morals are inequality in action, they’re bigoted.

So I urge you, fellow progressives, to not let this man Trump, or anyone else, fix this country. We’ve made so much progress toward its destruction, toward equality, remember your dignity and let’s finish destroying it. Thank you, from the actor.star_FB

Better organized, & pictures

I’ve been making a push to be better organized, and it’s working. I want to contemplate the essence of information flow regarding notes and lists; but for now i just have a few tips. I carry around a box everywhere i go, I tried plastic, but when I saw this metal one, I knew it was much better. In the picture, it’s the bigger one. Beside it on the floor is what I previously used as an insert in the big one. It was a disk brake pads box, with black duct tape around it. That lasted 6 months or more, but when I saw the metal bread pan, I knew it was better.

The small bin carries pens, pencils, business cards, sharpies, and often the phone. the bigger bin carries stuff I often use, and stuff I always want to have with me, even if I don’t use it everyday. Stuff like aspirin, card readers, magnifying glass. It also has stuff I use all the time, like phone charger, headband flashlights, spare batteries, data cables, flash drives, and utility knife. bins  Other people probably have other ways of keeping their stuff nearby; but this is how I do it. Below is my old notebook, and my new one. For years, I used the spiral bound notebooks, but when they started making the perforated edges, I dropped it. This artist’s sketch book works better for me. One reason is that the lack of lines makes for freedom of thought. My work always involves making sketches anyway, not just writing down notes. The breakthrough now is that I’m starting a new notebook, this one for more permanent ideas, or long term ones, anyway. The first ones has notes about jobs in progress, and chores I need to do. The second one is for lists. Lists of ways I waste time. Lists of things I can do with and teach the kids. there are a number of lists, and it’s inspiring knowing that it’s basically a book of improvements.noteBookHere’s a picture of a mural a guy is painting on the side of Jerry’s art arama, an artist’s supply place. I love the work; and part of me wants to do the same. But I remember seeing the guy there months ago when he started. I’m sure the weather has interfered, and other tasks; but I wonder how much he’s being paid. Low pay can take the fun out of a project fast. I can do free projects on the weekends, but not during the week. muralHere’s a recent full moon, i like this picture.moon_full_2Here’s a picture of cars driving down the street in front of our house at sunset.lights_sunsetHere’s a closeup of a moth, and the same moth farther back.moth_pttrn_2moth_scaleHere’s a strange thing; I don’t know whether the leaf grows these green things, or if they’re a parasitic thing.DSCN4302I was at an antique type of place; and saw this boat tie down thing.  Judging by the size of the coke machine in the background, that was some big boat, I guess.DSCN4040Lastly, I saw this glue on a wall, and offered what I thought was a cool solution: I would mix up paint that matches the bricks, and simply paint over the glue. It would be a lot less work and expense than removing the glue, and people wouldn’t see it.

Their response was that the city didn’t allow them to put the letters there, but the glue still worked as a sign; so no, they did not want it covered up.wall_lttr


Style check, aisle 2016…

At the weapons man blog I’ve been surprised by how much medical training combat units have. It makes sense of course, there’s all kinds of projectiles about, and the main intent of the enemy is too disable you any way they can. There was a post talking about 2 police officers being shot recently, and the comments included discussion of better medical training for police officers.

This made me realize that I have never taught my children about first aid. So I went looking for an old book I have. turns out it’s from 1957. One thing that was interesting was the fashion styles of the day. Wow.first_aidfirst_aid_2first_aid_3

Random messes 12-17-2016

First off, in the last post, I may have insulted the National Enquirer by comparing them to the Washington Post. My impressions of bizarre stories were from years ago. You know the kind; “UFO lands on White House lawn, abducts Monica…” or “Man shoots 24 inch long grasshopper on his ranch…”  I guess that now they’re a gossip rag with a reputation for accuracy.

As long as I’m talking about making a mess of things, look at these pictures of a messy shop, after work, before clean up. One person might look at it and think it’s depressing; but there’s another way of looking at it. A repair shop is where the old is removed, and the new gets put on. Old rusty metal, old flaky paint, old worn out parts, they all go. A repair shop is where a transformation happens. it’s good that old is left laying on the floor.mess-2Mess_1Below is another example of looking at a mess a different way. I was in a hurry while doing some Rat Rod lettering. I didn’t clean the brown paint from palette knife well enough before dipping into the white. So I cleaned the metal, then used it to try and scoop the little glob of brown out. This cool smear pattern resulted.smudge_2OK, next picture, are these con trails a mess? Maybe they’re cool, but the dude taking the picture at an angle is messed up.tilt_trailsNext picture, maybe a mess in that it’s weird. Notice that all the vines on this commercial building are growing sideways. I don’t think it’s a trait of that kind of vine; I saw the same kind growing vertical on a building nearby. I don’t think the owner carefully guided them all sideways. So, no explanation from me.vinesNext picture, definitely not a mess. This I took on the way home from the Blairs valley job. This was before the fires here, so this isn’t smoke; just typical East Tennessee beautiful sunset.Blairs_7The next picture is one I took probably 5 years ago. I was looking through older pictures; and saw this. Be still my beating heart, I just love this vehicle. What style I would have driving this around. An anti fashion statement if ever there was one. Get some horn rimmed glasses from the 50’s, a plastic shirt pocket liner, and I’d be SET. Who needs a Corvette anyway?cool_ride

Maybe it’s deliberate?

The night of the election, I was sickened that so many in this country could vote to end the country. I figured that it was just ignorance; and a belief that the agenda was more important than boring economic facts put forth by the crooked conservatives. Like the guy in this first cartoon.Prgrs_motives_1But now, I’m beginning to wonder; maybe liberals have been so conditioned to guilt that they WANT to end the country, like the woman in the second cartoon.Prgrs_motives_2  Another bit of election contemplation: I read an article at WND that said a group in Israel started sending out prayer requests the final evening of the vote. Personally, I lean enough toward free will theology that I can’t see God causing individuals to vote a certain way. I do recall clearly on election night that I figured there was no need to pray, but I had this ‘out of nowhere’ thought that I really should pray. So I did.

My contemplation is not serious, more for a small laugh than anything; but what if God knew the various means of fraud the Democrats had and were using (sorry Bernie) and He decided this was a good time to use a principle He talked about long ago: That as a man (or woman) sows, so shall the man reap. So God did his own intervention, to save the world lives and suffering; he fixed the fraudulent votes with His own tampering.

The laugh is this: If the thing were true, then there are a whole lot of Democrats who know they were supposed to win, but something Big interfered. All they can do is steam over it, because they can’t expose the rigging they did. Just an amusing little contemplation. As far as another big interference, namely the idea that Russia was involved, I doubt it. Even if they could hack millions of voting machines or the counters, too risky. If exposed, it would be the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish. They didn’t need to hack anything, just drive around American streets, see the near total lack of Hillary support vs. the Trump support. Or, look at the online Trump support, and the turnout at Trump rallies.

Here’s link to a free vector version of these cartoons:

Cartoons in vector