Cyrillic Stencil Alphabet

I wanted this as a font, but an English language search turned up nothing. So I made it my self. Below is a picture of the file, but it’s not very useful for graphic art projects. To get the free vector, go to – THIS – link.

The verse from Psalm 1 came from ‘The Word’, which is free, powerful software. You can get that – HERE -. I’m not fluent in Russian, so I hope the quality is acceptable.


Are we not shocked anymore?

America drives 100 M.P.H. past the warning signs, and the progressives count on people forgetting yesterday’s news. One thing that could be done is to have info graphics that list events of the last 2 years, events they’d rather have forgotten.

I awoke this morning with a heaviness about the indictment of the Planned Parenthood expose people. I am recommitted in my preparations to move.SEWERShhhhSomebody made a WordPress plugin that allows SVG vector images to be inserted in a page. I wanted that for a long time, they will start appearing here soon. I have a new blog about restoration, in my world, there’s plenty of material to write about. The latest is a breakthrough in applying theme to one’s vehicle, the heavy duty look, that is. Here’s a picture, and a link to the blog:

Restoration Blog


The 4 D’s and more…

How do progressives rationalize the destruction brought by their diversity? How a progressive dies: Delusion of Dignity in Death by Diversity.dignityI have encounters with Muslim people, and it seems they have strict rules to be observed; but not a discernment about what is behind the rules. For instance, in Christianity many don’t listen to rock music; but it’s not a rule about a speed of tempo, or a list of approved instruments. It’s having an ear for what is proud and rebellious, what is sensual or aggressive.I’m not sure Islam has that.

In the Christian bible, it says husbands love your wives. It appears that in Islam, you don’t have to win a woman’s favor, just take what you want. I’m wondering if there will come a time when young western guys realize that in Islam, there are some rules to be strictly observed, but lots of leeway elsewhere.

On to Donald Trump. Well, actually not about him, but he’s involved. I don’t have the wording verbatim, but NPR was airing an interview with a famous guy; I think he was a guest on Saturday Night Live, when Donald Trump was hosting. Don’t expect me to remember famous star names, because I haven’t had a TV in about 27 years; and man am I glad. Anyway, the parties in the interview were quite glib about wanting to know which era Donald Trump would like to go back to. Was it Jim Crow? Some other oppressive era?

Easy to get caught of guard by that I suppose; but a few seconds of thought will produce the answer…how about a time when the country wasn’t 19 trillion dollars in debt that it couldn’t repay? How about a time when Americans had the sense to avoid foreign wars if possible? how about a time when a man that wanted to work could get a job at a factory and support his family? Now most of the factories are gone. What factories and construction jobs are here are filled by ‘recent immigrants’. That’s just the beginning of the answer.

Do these people actually think minority communities are better off now than then? Look at the unemployment rate, look at the crime rate. Look at the way young Black people dress, and the music they listen to. The lyrics treat the young women like a piece of meat, not a lovely young lady (which she could be). It’s self destruction; but I guess as long as Whitey’s not doing it, well, they’re so much better off. It’s that 4 D’s thing again, Black version. The progressives are using racial diversity to bring behavioral diversity.

As usual, there’s a lot going on. I might have mentioned it already, but I bought a 1987 Toyota pickup. Man, does it run sweet. It was in the salt of New York State for 6 years, so it has some problems, but it fits the debt free program. I’ve started a blog called The Restoration; it covers a number of my restoration projects. It can be seen > HERE.1987_ToyotaNow, some random pictures. I’ve probably seen blue clouds before, but they didn’t stand out the way this one did. It’s not the sky showing through. blueCloudMy son got a plastic snow sliding board majiggy for Christmas. We had no snow at the time, so on a rather frosty morning, he took it down a steep hill in the pasture. One must always remember the changes in physical properties that temperature can bring. Frozen Moo-doo is apparently pretty solid.crackedMy wife’s nephew drives a semi, which he just about owns. He said that some companies help a guy get financing for a big rig, and send hims lots of work for awhile. But later, the work trickles off, and ownership of the truck reverts to the company, because the driver can’t afford it. Watch for that one. Anyway, we were working on an outdoor project, and he backed up his tractor to shine his new LED lights on our work. There were some neat (weird?) pictures to be had, if one got the camera and tripod. One of those pictures is looking up at the bottom of a tree’s branches.treeNight2

Random thoughts, 1_9_2016

No particular order:

I was at a blog where a comment was made in the typical detached allegedly unbiased way about neither Christianity or Islam being credible beliefs. The point was that since Christianity is being minimized by the progressives; then Islam will come and take its place. I replied that I was impressed at this insight, but that it’s not an accident, the progressives and the government are quite deliberate. I cited the time it took the government to call the shooting of the recruiters as something other than ‘workplace violence’ and how long they claimed they didn’t know the motive of the recent shooting in San Bernadino. It’s obvious they’re selectively covering for one religion.

The first commenter then ignored what I said, and reiterated his position with more verbiage and force. Then the site administrator made a reply, and the first guy was no longer the calm unbiased guy; he was in full mockery and distraction mode. I’ve read that there’s a method for writing troll propaganda pieces; A way to start, repeat, and end. RepeatĀ  he did. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be an effective anti troll method to simply reply with a list that numbers the oft repeated terms in the troll’s comment. For instance: Irrational 4, Outdated 3, Superstitious 3.

_ _ _

A new way to reply in the affirmative: Ahh oui, ferr-shurr messieur.

_ _ _

I was driving down the road and noticed that a house up on a hill had recently put a rather large cut-out cartoony picture of a bird on an exterior wall between two windows. Like 5 feet tall at least. I was glad to see somebody liberated enough to do that. It appeared to be executed well enough, but the design was a bit lacking. Then I remembered how often I do the exact same thing with my own work. Like, it will pass, but I wish I had done it differently. I want to remember this as a principle; that being the second designer is easier than being the first.

_ _ _

Had an ongoing series of text messages with my wife the other day, part of it involved joking around about paint fumes that I was working with. I was rhyming my texts. One was: “If I was Amish, I’d be the Yeoder affected by the odor”.

_ _ _

I guess it’s a couple times a year that I go back and read Matthew Chapter 24, to see how it fits the times. This time verse 10 stood out; I suppose because of all the mentally unstable behavior in this country. Couldn’t it be said that Satan’s first rebellion was betrayal? Watch for more of it in our day.

_ _ _

Years ago, I wanted to make a Christian tract comparing restoration of cars and restoration of men. I still want to do that, but in the meantime, I’ve started a Facebook page about it: Jim-Restore

Here’s a page about more fun with camouflage experiments: Tool-Box

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Camo Tool Box Project with the Kids

A lot of people have their little quirks, -one- of mine is a fascination with camouflage experiments. I haven’t spent much time researching it, but I do experiment some. I’ve read that the idea is to break up the shape of an object, I’m also trying to break up the surface of the object. Here are a few pictures; more details and pictures can be seen at my Russian blog:

The Papa ChallengecamoBox_acamoBox_ccamoBox2camoBox2bcamoBox3

Sure, I can do that…

It’s nice when you claim to be capable of doing something you’ve never done before; and it actually works…twice. Not a major innovation, but when you’re in front of TV cameras, the Mayor, and a crowd, it’s nice to have things go without a glitch.I was asked to do gold leaf scroll work on a small locomotive that is on display. It is now a tribute to the American folk hero John Henry. I also did stripes and lettering.

The new part came about when the owner wanted to keep the name hidden from public view until the unveiling. As it was, I needed a cover anyway, to keep the rain and night air off the fresh paint. I didn’t think it would look good with the average blue, green, or camo tarp, so I proposed to make it look like a big Christmas present, complete with ribbon, bow, and card. Usually, clients don’t buy into my most-awesomest ideas, but this time, she thought it was a great idea.

OK, so now how to make all this stuff. I was going to use the fabric drop cloths available at many hardware stores, but Harbor Freight had a silver colored one of the perfect size. I made the bow and ribbon from vinyl flashing painted red. The second new thing was when I was asked to leave it on until the event, and pull it off then. That involved some planning, to keep it from snagging on an exhaust pipe and an air horn. But the planning worked, and I was spared any on air bumbling around.

Prior to the event, I was told that all these people were to be there, along with a podium, an African-American woman, and a ukelele. I thought great, we’re going to have to sit through a speech about the need to allocate heretofore nonexistent resources on opportunities for the disadvantaged. But no, I was wrong; guess that’s what happens when you look for political motive under every rock. The podium was for the mayor, who gave a surprisingly good speech. The woman was a musician, sang two songs; one about John Henry, the other a Christmas carol.

In the pictures, the center circle is 18 karat gold, the scroll work is 23. I wanted to order 24 karat (pure), but my supplier was out. The brown shading is asphaltum varnish. You know your work is archaic when spell check flags the name of your material. Since this wasn’t an historic restoration, I didn’t feel obligated to use period tools and methods; so I used an airbrush to apply the shading. I really like the results. The back of the cab wasn’t wrapped, because it faced away from a busy intersection.JH_art2JH_artJH_ready