Are we not shocked anymore?

America drives 100 M.P.H. past the warning signs, and the progressives count on people forgetting yesterday’s news. One thing that could be done is to have info graphics that list events of the last 2 years, events they’d rather have forgotten.

I awoke this morning with a heaviness about the indictment of the Planned Parenthood expose people. I am recommitted in my preparations to move.SEWERShhhhSomebody made a WordPress plugin that allows SVG vector images to be inserted in a page. I wanted that for a long time, they will start appearing here soon. I have a new blog about restoration, in my world, there’s plenty of material to write about. The latest is a breakthrough in applying theme to one’s vehicle, the heavy duty look, that is. Here’s a picture, and a link to the blog:

Restoration Blog


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