Maybe it’s deliberate?

The night of the election, I was sickened that so many in this country could vote to end the country. I figured that it was just ignorance; and a belief that the agenda was more important than boring economic facts put forth by the crooked conservatives. Like the guy in this first cartoon.Prgrs_motives_1But now, I’m beginning to wonder; maybe liberals have been so conditioned to guilt that they WANT to end the country, like the woman in the second cartoon.Prgrs_motives_2  Another bit of election contemplation: I read an article at WND that said a group in Israel started sending out prayer requests the final evening of the vote. Personally, I lean enough toward free will theology that I can’t see God causing individuals to vote a certain way. I do recall clearly on election night that I figured there was no need to pray, but I had this ‘out of nowhere’ thought that I really should pray. So I did.

My contemplation is not serious, more for a small laugh than anything; but what if God knew the various means of fraud the Democrats had and were using (sorry Bernie) and He decided this was a good time to use a principle He talked about long ago: That as a man (or woman) sows, so shall the man reap. So God did his own intervention, to save the world lives and suffering; he fixed the fraudulent votes with His own tampering.

The laugh is this: If the thing were true, then there are a whole lot of Democrats who know they were supposed to win, but something Big interfered. All they can do is steam over it, because they can’t expose the rigging they did. Just an amusing little contemplation. As far as another big interference, namely the idea that Russia was involved, I doubt it. Even if they could hack millions of voting machines or the counters, too risky. If exposed, it would be the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish. They didn’t need to hack anything, just drive around American streets, see the near total lack of Hillary support vs. the Trump support. Or, look at the online Trump support, and the turnout at Trump rallies.

Here’s link to a free vector version of these cartoons:

Cartoons in vector

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