Brexit, it IS a big deal…

From what I understand, even though British voters approved the exit from the EU, it still must pass their Parliament. Here’s a link to an infographic and article which talks about other countries in the EU who were made to vote over till they got it “right”. Go see it, it’s good.

That said, this might be real. If so, I would be amazed and joyful about being wrong in the last post. This is a really big deal, as the trend is for governments to get bigger and freedom to diminish.Brexitit would also be nice if this was the catalyst for dismantling other oppressive organizations. June 22nd is the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, the attempted invasion of Russia by Nazi Germany. Somebody over there made a bumper sticker which was lewd, I thought that rather than complain, I would make a revision, it looks like this:B_sticker3You can get the original vector file for free here:

Free Vector File

I’ve got a ‘ton’ of other projects going on, some will even be posted online, including a video of our home Bible study method. I’ve been up till this late hour (3:30 am) learning to edit the video with my new software from Freemora. I have the paid version, and so far, I’m quite pleased with it. The regular price is not bad, but I used the trial version, and didn’t respond to the questions asking if I wanted to get the paid version. Several days later, they sent an off with a STEEP discount. I bought it, and it seems to work well.

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