Brexit…nice idea, but…

Last minute prediction; I wish the Brexit would pass, but I doubt it will. That would truly be a bright spot in an otherwise bleak political and spiritual landscape. My reasoning is that this isn’t merely a political issue, it’s supernatural as well. Satan doesn’t want smaller government; he wants to force his filthy destructive agenda on the entire earth, and consolidated government is part of the plan.

Consider these two things: First,  it’s being allowed to come to a vote on the chance that it will fail. If the vote actually is in favor of exit, then TPTB will lie about the votes, or declare the whole process unconstitutional. They’re just hoping it will fail, then it’s easier to maintain the illusion of self governance. Second, if it fails, there’s probably an element of defeat that sets in, and it serves them better. At any rate, exit cannot be tolerated. I see people continually looking at current issues through their own rationality and morality, as though since we can prove the other side wrong, we just need to inform more people, get the right people in office, so on. The problem is, the opposition has no regard for what’s right or rational, none. They could publicly lose any and all debates on any topic, it doesn’t matter, we’re doing it this way. I guess they’re letting people think they have some autonomy, right up until they have total control of the food supply?

I’m not saying there is no hope, but that without knowing what went wrong, things cannot be fixed. I ‘m working on a static page and message that talks about what I think the problem is, I’ll post the information here as soon as possible.

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I had an interesting thought the other day, it might be easy to disprove. I think that the way President Obama defends Islam, it’s obvious he’s Muslim, probably Sunni, same as ISIS and Saudi Arabia. It’s also obvious he wants to destroy this country; he’s doubled the national debt in two terms, everything that took 200 plus years to amass, he doubled in 8. He leaves borders open, he brings in Muslim immigrants, he demands that little kids be taught perversion. He wants to destroy America.

So put the two together…Does he consider his greatest legacy to be the Martyr In Chief? If he got us into an actual nuclear war, would he care? That’s a lot bigger bang than a bomb vest. On the other hand, ending America would end the exportation of Hollywood filth, and the empire’s efforts to dominate the world. Interesting thought though. I do think he feels dissed by the Russians, they keep making him look bad. Remember the sly deal they arranged regarding Syria’s WMD’s? Or how they ended the nonsense fighting in Syria with a defined attack on all terrorists? You can tell bHo is playing catch up, by the way the US is now attacking ISIS. They originally went there to overthrow Assad, but now people like Russia’s approach better, so bHo has tried to get some of the good publicity for himself. Here’s the problem, if he feels he hasn’t exacted enough revenge before leaving office, he might do something deadly. Remember, I think it’s obvious that he really does not care about America’s well being.

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