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I’ve heard people say that we don’t need the ten commandments these days; that we walk in the Spirit. I know that I should be better at hearing what the Holy Spirit says or leads me to, so there are days when I lean on the law. You know those days, feeling ill the night before, couldn’t get enough sleep, next day is busy, some of it bad events. At times like that, it can be difficult to make decisions, especially if emotions are running strong. Those are the times when the law serves as a safety barrier. Do the Christians who fall into unrepentant sin not stop there, or not have this barrier?Law_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Considering how much the current progressive administration dislikes conservatives, would it be unrealistic to think they’ve assigned security agents to monitor and investigate conservatives, as though they were terrorists? When we have bombings and shootings by the Jihad guys, how many of those instances could have been prevented were the agents reassigned?

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In the last post I talked about the drunkard who loses the priority to dress well. I might have an analogy:

When you paint a car, the goal of course is to have results that look like a colored mirror. In other words, as smooth and shiny as a piece of glass. Every step is very specific, and most of them involve pricey materials. The paint can be $200 easily. The masking tape is $5 a roll. The reducer (thinner) can be $20 a gallon. The sandpaper is costly too.

But there’s one step that’s disproportionately inexpensive. That’s the tack cloth. It costs about $1, but all the other steps and expenses are absolutely worthless without it. That’s no exaggeration. I talked with one body/paint guy who said that research shows dust particles stand on end when they’re on a surface that’s about to be painted. All I know is that your paint job will look like you added a mild amount of sand to the paint. Not as densely packed as sandpaper, but who cares? One little bump per 2 square inches is a ruined paint job. I work with a lot of different tools and materials, but this is the most disproportionate that I know.

So, compared to work, maintaining the car and house, keeping abreast of current events; and all the stuff one does, neatness of appearance can lose priority. Compared to overall well being though, is it disproportionate in a similar way? It seems like a small thing…

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We’ve had a lot of forest fires here in Appalachia the last week. It destroys trees, but makes for interesting sunsets and moon risings. Most of these pictures were taken on separate days. The first two are of the Moon.Moon1moon2smokeSun1smokeSun2smokeSun3

You can see and smell the smoke from the fires everywhere. But wait, inside the house too? Oh I get it, that’s not a new thing; it’s smoke rolling thickly out from under the kitchen cabinets. The guilty party is -not- my wife, but I’ll let said party remain anonymous…this time.CarbonK

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