Several weeks ago, I put on my first Timbering Tools Exhibit in 10 years time. It was nearby, at the Ramsey House, an historic site. I didn’t have time to prepare as well as I would like, but still, there was enough action to satisfy people. Normally I include a pit saw frame, so that I can demonstrate a pit saw. That’s a wooden structure that I put a log up on. Then I stand on the top, and an assistant stands below; and we rip saw boards from the log. Also, I brought the wrong kind of wood for the shingle making, so the froe was more or less a static display. But there was still crosscut saw, rail splitting, draw knife, and three tools used for hewing a log. exibitSign1Impromptu front of my display area. It looked better in person.exibitSign2The sign made from one single board.exibitCedarIn the foreground is a small Virginia Pine log in a cradle, for the crosscut saw. There’s the backside of the signs, and behind that, the log being hewn square. Farthest away are the Cedar logs being split into fence rails.exibitToolsSome, but not all the tools. In this picture there are 3 crosscut saws, a pit saw, a froe, a log moving tool, and two peavys.exibitTools2This table is where I give the final part of the demonstration. On the ground you can see the broad axe, and the foot adze, they’re for the hewing, earlier in the show. On the table is a visual aid teaching tool to show how the saw teeth cut. The old saw blade has a clock painted on the other side, with movable magnetic hands to show when the next demonstration will be. The wood box has sharpenning tools, for those interested after the show. On top of the box is a bag of corn chips. I first demonstrate how one can use fat pine (“Lightered” or “Rich Pine” in other regions) instead of candles. Then I tell people that if they’re out of both candles and fat pine, they can use ordinary corn chips to burn profusely. People are always surprised at that one.

I had a good time, met some neat people.

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For years, I thought I knew what the term “The Power of Suggestion” meant, but I was wrong, or off, at least. I thought it was a subtle way of saying something. For instance, an advertisement will mention the latest fashion, but what they really mean is: “Wear these, and man YOU will be the epicenter of hip and cool!!”

It actually means other things, one of then being experiments with words that are “primers”. Interesting reading.

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So I guess ISIS now has their own air force? That or it was a mighty interesting mistake killing those 62 Syrian troops who were trapped by ISIS. In August I think it was, I was saying that the next 4 or 5 months would be the most dangerous in American history, but maybe we’ll get off easier, at least until the actual election. Until that time the US president has to do as much damage to the rest of the world as he can.

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Here’s a comparison: The powers that be depend on a continual stream of shocking news incidents to fade the memory of shocking things they have done. It’s EXACTLY what an on line reputaion frim does. They can’t necessarily erase online content about you, but they can and do bury it beneath so much new content, ath the old stuff won’t show in a search.

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An analogy I’ve been telling people:

There’s not enough America left in the tank to go down the Hillary road.

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