Luxuries around us, and random…

My youngest son Nolan completed two projects; you can see them at this link: Get rid of that awful pink.

BlueBikeFinI’m continually amazed at the luxuries brought by mass production. In the first picture is a new brake drum for a 1987 Toyota truck. The dark grey areas are the original surfaces left by the casting process. The lighter silver areas are where it’s been machined. I got this for 30 something dollars, I don’t recall exactly. But all that work for that price?!?!? Amazing! br_drum2 Next is a small plastic spoon, I was going to throw away. But I looked at the lines, and marveled at how nice this simple disposable object looks and works. Notice the two angles indicated by the red lines. Notice how cool the curves and varying thickness is in the blue circle. Notice the slight curve, probably for ergonomics, indicated by the green line. We are surrounded by luxury.spoonI’m doing the body work on my 1987 Toyota truck. While it’s in the primer stage, I can play around with lighter and darker primer. Here’s an effect I’ve wondered about for years. It’s supposed to look like raised, embossed squares. Inspired by the large space craft of the original Star Wars movie. I should have used a grey for the ‘lower’ edge, instead of black. The stencil is made of magnetic sheet, and is uber-easy to use.embossedstencil_1Speaking of body work, how would you like do do this next project? It’s a replacement fender for a huge articulated truck. The metal is about 5/16ths inch thick.fender_1fender_2Lastly, a picture of the moon behind clouds.moon&clouds

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