Her big fat…beautiful…wedding

Big fat something…we’re not Greek, and I didn’t want to say redneck, so that will have to do. Besides, it WAS beautiful. I tend to get pragmatic about these things, and think, Look, it’s a public ceremony of vows being taken, the people are there as witnesses.

So draw a map showing where the nearest restaurants are, open some 2 liter soda bottles, and call it good enough. But young women see these thing differently than I do, and who knows? Maybe the world is a better place for it.

Seriously though, one of the main reasons I wanted to make this post was to acknowledge all the work that people did to make it happen. In laws and friends came from all over, spent days directing and working on preparations; and I suspect spent a bit of their own funds to make it happen. My other daughters were slammed in the kitchen for days.

There was a rehearsal the day before; which I initially thought was likely a big fat waste of time. But man, it was SO necessary, otherwise, the brides own father would have been a bumbling doof. More than usual, anyway. Life has been so heavy lately, that the wedding was just another event. That is, until I gave away the bride, and watched her take the vows. Then it’s like “DUDE! wake up, this is for real”.

It all went very well, it was a pleasure to see so many nice looking people well dressed. The weather was literally perfect; at the exact time the sun was setting, the full moon was rising. I was speculating just how many people I’m connected to by direct or distant relation. So many faces from the groom’s family and church. I married the 14th out of 15 siblings, That day my relatives multiplied many times. So how does a wedding like this extend these things?

Anyway, the groom’s name is Sid Zacharias, he’s s bright, level headed young man, and his family seems very stable. Other people got pictures of the wedding itself, I might get and share some of those. Some of the ones I got are below.J_wedding1J_wedding2Here’s a cute little guy watching the s’mores fire being started:J_wedding3The great Smoky Mountains made a great backdrop for the day’s activities:J_wedding4Hey! Why didn’t we make more use of this old truck? A touch of awesomeness!J_wedding5Not a great shot of the rising moon, it was beautiful, like everything else.J_wedding7

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  1. We enjoyed being there and meeting all you nice folks. It was a beautiful wedding. -Lonnie & Jeannine Miles from OK

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